Catering Entree Menu

Catering Entree Menu

BBQ Chicken
Shredded chicken topped with BBQ sauce served on a bun with garden salad and your choice of mashed potatoes or potato au gratin.
Chicken Tortellini OR Chicken Alfredo
Chicken tortellini Or Chicken alfredo fettuccini in white creamy sauce with pesto, Caesar salad and garlic bread
Meat & Vegetarian Lasagna
Ground beef Bolognese lasagna or go vegetarian lasagna served with garlic bread and garden salad.
Taco Bar
Grilled chicken or beef served with warm flour or corn tortillas on the side, shredded cheese, lettuce, diced tomatoes, sour cream, guacamole, homemade salsa, rice & beans.
Chicken & Eggplant Parmesan
Chicken breast topped with our homemade marinara sauce, parmesan and basil. Pasta served on the side with mixed greens and Italian dressing. Or you can go vegetarian with eggplant parmesan.
Chicken Marsala
Chicken breast topped with our classic mushroom win e sauce served with rice pilaf, garden salad. and garlic bread.
Chicken OR Beef Kabab
Chicken Or beef kabab with basmati rice, hummus, cilantro jalapeno Hummus, pita chips and Greek salad
Savory Roasted Turkey Breast
Boneless turkey breast baked until tender served with mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, garden salad and dinner roll. or add baked ham served with sauteed vegetables,
Honey Glazed Ham
Baked Salmon
Salmon topped with homemade pine nut pesto with sauteed asparagus and carrots. Mixed greens topped with cranberries and walnuts. Served with balsamic and dinner roll.
Prime Rib
Seasoned prime rib served with garlic mashed potatoes, gravy, horseradish, sauteed vegetables, garden salad and dinner roll.
Carved Tenderloin
Seared and slow cooked fillet served with roasted fingerling potatoes and your choice of quinoa or farro or arugula salad with dinner roll.

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