Soups of the Day

Small (8 oz) $4.95
Medium (12 oz) $5.95
Large (16 oz) $6.95
Sourdough Bread Bowl $9.00

Chicken Tortilla
This soup is gluten free and dairy free. It starts out with oven roasting onions, tomatoes, garlic that's pureed with chicken broth. Then we fry corn tortillas and puree the soup again. Last step is adding the chicken, black beans, and corn kernels with a little salt & pepper. If you like tortilla soup, you'll love this version! You can add avocado $1.75
Dairy Free (unless you add cheese) & GF (unless you get it in a sourdough bread bowl)
Greek Lemon Chicken
Gluten Free & Dairy Free This soup is loaded with lemon juice, chicken, carrots, celery & rice.
Broccoli & Cheese
This is a vegetarian soup made with cream and cheese that also contains powerful antioxidants from broccoli.
Artichoke & Potato Vegan (Template) – Do not delete
This plant based soup is new. If you like artichokes and potato then you should try this out! Will post picture asap
Cauliflower Vegan (Template) – Do not delete
This cruciferous vegetable is loaded with nutritional benefits and is super tasty (if you like cauliflower)

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